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Homemade is Best

February 1, 2018

It's February 1st!  How can that be???  With all the social media posts about how yesterday literally felt like January 87th, I guess I can kind of understand how people would be ready for February.  But I love January.  After all, two of my favorite people were born in January...

My beautiful sister and Camden.  LOVE.


And I love February too!  Because two more of my favorite people were born in February. 

My husband and my nephew, Griffin.  How cute are they?


So, anyway, before we get too far into this month, I wanted to share some of my favorite treats and crafts for the month of February.


I love helping my kids make valentines to hand out to their friends.  Homemade cards are way more personal than store-bought ones, and they are typically less sugary.  By the end of January I am over sugar, after the cookies and candy of the holidays and then birthday cakes and treats for my party people.  So, when we start talking valentines, I'm drawn to the crafts with either minimal sugar, or none.


Here's a look at Valentines from past years...


We made these for Camden's two year old buddies.  Click here to purchase astronaut figures.  Use a red sharpie to paint a heart on each figure.  Make the cards using clip art for the moon, a fun font for the words, and kitchen twin to tie it all together.

Guess who wanted army valentines?  When Camden was three, he was able to help a little more with his valentines.  I got this idea from Armelle Blog and tweaked it to fit our style. You can download her printable cards here.

And these are this year's valentines.  Camden made these all by himself! 

Well, I cut out the hearts and made the message strips, but he did all the glueing, and strung the beads.  The beads are from Lakeshore Learning and I ordered the carabiners from Amazon.  I had to hold myself back from helping a little bit, but overall, I let him do the work.  It was great hand eye coordination practice and he felt invested in making his own valentines.  He will be proud to hand them out. 


Here are a few other homemade goodies I get excited about when the calendar flips to February...

This Easy Pinecone Wreath Camden and I made a couple years ago.  It hung in our front hall in our last house, but I decided it'd look good on our blanket ladder this year.

 These yummy treats I made last week.

 I love these because you can swap out the colors for any occasion!  Green and red for Christmas, red white and blue for Fourth of July, pink and red for Valentine's Day...I'm even thinking of making them for Super Bowl--green and blue?  I am not a big sweets fan, but I love the sweet and salty mix of this snack.  Follow this link to make them.  Just make sure you use fresh Hugs.  I tried with a bag that was a couple months old and the chocolate just wouldn't melt right.


They're also a great treat for teachers.

 And I'll finish with this adorable project that I cannot wait to try.  I met Brooke of Cribbs Style at the Haven Blogger Conference I attended a few summers ago.  She made this adorable farmhouse picture frame that would be perfect for valentine decoration.  You can find her tutorial here.


Happy Valentine's Day! 







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I'm married to my college sweetheart and we have three amazing kids, all of them boys.  We also have one furry child, a golden retriever rescue dog.


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