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The Laundry Habit that Saves my Sanity

May 23, 2018

When we moved into this house, I was really sad that our new laundry room was going to be upstairs.  In our previous homes, our laundry room was actually a mud room, on the first floor, just inside the door.  This was perfect for a family full of boys.  They could just scoot inside and dump their shoes and other dirty items in the mud room before traipsing off through the rest of the (mostly) clean house.  I also loved the fact that I could switch laundry while cooking dinner, fold clothes while watching tv at night, and throw dirty kitchen towels right into the laundry area.


So, to say it was a big adjustment is an understatement.  But it turns out, now that I am used to the laundry room being upstairs, I wouldn't have it any other way.  There's no more children streaking through the kitchen looking for clean underwear, it's infinitely easier to pack for a trip--after washing all the laundry in the house, I put it straight into our suitcases,--and since I usually don't have time to do loads during the day, it is easy to switch the laundry over to the dryer while I am getting everyone into bed and winding down for the night myself.


The one issue I was having is that going from closet to closet collecting the kids' and my husband's and my clothes was taking waaaay too much time.  The kids have never been keen on sharing a laundry basket, and there's no common area in their bedrooms or bathrooms to place a basket anyway.  Enter the laundry sorter.

I have had my eye on this awesomeness for some time now.  I wanted to try to replicate it with inexpensive laundry baskets, but I just kept coming back to the clean lines, rolling cart feature, and flat top that make this one so incredibly perfect.  The wooden top of the cart lifts up for easy access to the clothes underneath, and the surface makes for a good place to stack clean clothes or to fold.  So, I waited until Pottery Barn was having a sale, and used the rewards bucks I earned when I ordered the drying rack hanging above, and ended up with a pretty good deal.  Plus I put the order on my Pottery Barn credit card, so I earned even more rewards bucks to spend in the future!  Basically it was a win-win.


So, the only bummer is that they didn't think to include the cute little hangers that distinguish the difference between the dark and the light laundry.  Come on, Pottery Barn!  My mother-in-law and I looked EVERYWHERE for something similar and just couldn't find exactly what is pictured here.


It was when we were wandering down the aisle containing galvanized buckets and letters at Hobby Lobby that she suggested these metal letters, one for light and one for dark.





And I love how they look!


This might be my new favorite hang out spot.  I still like to hide in here and read, I mean do laundry, when I need a break.

Want a 360 degree view?  You can check it out by clicking here.  I should know that when I ask for my husband to help me take pictures, he's going to pull out all his techie toys.  It's a pretty cool little gadget though, that Theta S 360 camera.


Now, my family puts all their dirty laundry in the bags, sorted by color, and I can just pull the entire heap of laundry out of the bag and put it straight into the washing machine.  This has taught my kids what qualifies as dark and light, and helped them realize how easy it is to start a load.  That'll come in handy when they take over the laundry duties this summer.   They've gotta learn sometime.  I am still loving the drying rack I got at Pottery Barn as well.  It is the perfect size for hanging yoga pants, jeans, and delicates that I do not like to dry.  Having it hanging right next to the washing machine makes it a cinch to use.  Sure beats having drying racks all over our bedroom!

So, now I feel like the place in our house that is least visited by friends and family, but most used by me, is complete.  On to decorating the rest of our humble abode.  Which room should I work on next?







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