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10 Pump it Up Songs for Your Playlist

June 18, 2018

 Every once in a while, my clean clothes start to lose that freshly laundered smell.  About once a year, my deodorant lets me down.  And my family is not shy when they've had the same meal one too many times.  So I switch things up.  I try a new laundry powder, change brands of deodorant, and scour the internet (and my favorite food blogs--stay tuned for that post) for some fresh smells and meals.


My running playlist is no different.  When I'm singing the next song before it even begins playing, and I actually dread hitting the pavement, I know it is time to change it up.  Do you have a favorite running playlist?  How do you make yours?


A few months ago, when I decided I wanted to get back into running again, I knew I needed a new playlist.  Feeling on the lazy side, I searched itunes for a pre-made running list.  I just couldn't come up with anything that fit.  So, I turned to the kid with the most diverse taste in music (Carson) and asked him to create a running playlist for me.  From there, I shifted songs, added and removed, and came up with the perfect running playlist, which I am excited to share with you.


Apple Music has made it so easy for me to make playlists.  For $14.99 a month, our family can select music to stream to our devices on-demand.  So, there is no more purchasing random songs here and there, or entire albums just to obtain a few favorite tunes.  When I first started devising my perfect running playlist, I kept a running list (pun intended) in the notes app on my phone.  Whenever I heard a song that had a good beat, I'd add it to the list, later search for it on Apple Music, and download it to my phone.  I got inspiration in the gym where I work out, from the awesome playlists Jonah creates, and even from commercials (yes, we still watch those, when we forget to DVR our favorite shows).


So, here is my line-up.  


  1. Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns N' Roses.  Maybe I'm old school.  Maybe I just like a heavy metal band.  Whatever the reason, this song puts me in the mood by meeting all my needs to get pumped up, and remind me that I run for the fun of it.  If I didn't want to get out there that day, by the end of this 5:55 minute song I am ready.  Actually, by the chorus, "Where do we go, where do we go now, where do we go..." and the jam of the electric guitar, I am playing air strings, picking up my pace, and feeling the burn.

  2. Thunder by Imagine Dragons.  Lyrics that are just right.  Big thunderous drum beats that propel me through the next couple minutes, and the push to complete mile one.  Because, if you are a runner, you know that this is the where the magic lies.  Get through that first mile, and you are golden.  The runner's high kicks in and it's nothing but me, the road, and my desire to keep up the pace and finish strong.

  3. Feel This Moment by Pitbull.  I have to stop myself from singing along with this one, which is sometimes exactly what I need when I want to throw in the towel. If you see me cruising down the sidewalk, pumping my fists in the air, keeping the beat on my thigh, you know Pitbull with the assistance of Christina Aguilera, is pulsing in my earbuds.

  4. Feel it Still by Portugal.  The Man.  This song is upbeat and fun, and just what I need in that comfortable high I've settled into in mile 2.

  5. Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons.  Gosh, I love this song.  I mean, like love it so much I am in danger of overplaying it.  The chorus, "Whatever it takes, 'cause I love the adrenaline in my veins," I mean, was it written for me???  "I love how it feels when I break the chains...you take me to the top...I'm ready for whatever it takes"  Yes, yes, yes!  The beat of this one is perfect, the words are encouraging, and you just can't go wrong with the Dragons.  This is the part of my run when I am nearing the end of mile two, and I begin to remember just why I love to run but there is still a nagging part of me that wonders why I'm running when no one is chasing me...which leads me to the next song, so perfectly nestled between the end of mile 2 and beginning mile 3...

  6. Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay.  Every good running play list must have a Coldplay Song.  It just has to.  This one starts off kind of slow, but builds up to the perfect cadence.  I'm turning up the volume, drumming the air, keeping a steady pace, and dedicated to finishing strong.

  7. Castle on a Hill by Ed Sheeran.  Another one where I can't help but belt the lyrics.  Which is a great distraction when I am headed to the finish line.  When the chorus comes in with, "I'm on my way...driving at nineteen down those country lanes singing to Tiny Dancer..."Yep, been there done that, and the memories of singing at the top of my lungs, windows rolled down, hair in the wind, spur me on to complete mile 3.

That's what I'm pounding the pavement to these days.  How about you?  What is your favorite running song?  I would LOVE to add to my collection!!!


Need a few more titles?  Here are three more songs I rotate in and out of the playlist: Uprising by Muse (another perfect starting song), Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, and Rise Up by Imagine Dragons.


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I'm married to my college sweetheart and we have three amazing kids, all of them boys.  We also have one furry child, a golden retriever rescue dog.


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