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August Stitch Fix and Bonus FabKids Review

September 5, 2018

My last Stitch Fix was back in February, and I ended the post by saying it was a good thing my hubby would not have to take pictures of me for another review until May.  Turned out the budget didn't quite support a clothing box in May...something about end of year teacher's gifts and paying for summer camps...so I delayed my box until August.  And August's fix was totally worth it!  The box of clothing/jewelry I received at the beginning of this month was made for me!  And Camden's FabKids order arrived just in time for us to do a joint photo shoot.  In fact, Carson set it all up so that Camden would be excited about "modeling" his clothes, so getting Camden to try them on wasn't even hard.  Win-Win!


Three caveats I just need to put out there before we get started:

  1. My photographer is an eleven year old, who is very good at setting up shots and taking pics, but maybe needs a lesson in lighting and angle. :)

  2. You should pay more attention to the five year old than to me.  He's waaay cuter.

  3. This was more about the overall experience (no screens for the hour or so it took for this photoshoot!) than showcasing the clothes.

All of that being said, I LOVE the new clothes I received, and it was such a fun afternoon!


We started out with a letter addressed to Camden.  Carson orchestrated it all, typing out the letter that invited Camden to a photoshoot, and setting up the "stage."  He set up our downstairs coat closet like a dressing room, labeled two of our tall kitchen chairs with my name and Camden's, and set up the tripod in the middle of the living room.  Then, the photoshoot began.

Le Lis Rananda Faux Wrap Knit Maxi Dress.  I love this dress!  I think it'd be perfect for church, date night, or even a wedding.  I love the colors of the print and the fabric is flowy and comfortable.  I didn't want to take it off!

Camo jogger and dinosaur T.  Camden has no shortage of camo in his closet!  These woven pieced joggers put a trendy spin on FabKids traditional knit pants.  They look so cute with the glow in the dark raptor skeleton tee (on sale $9.99) he paired them with.

Emory Park Dulce Short Sleeve Knit Top.  This shirt is actually way cuter in person.  It's really soft and stretchy, and also long (great for us tall people).  I think I will wear it through the fall with a cardigan.  Although I will probably pair it with a wider legged jean.  I am so excited that bellbottoms and wide leg jeans are coming back.  I'm kinda over the skinny jean.

Sporty joggers (they come in burgundy, too) and #rufflife tee (no longer available, but this taco dog tee is pretty cute, and on sale).  Camden had to have these joggers because they reminded him of a pair Jonah has.  Too cute.  The Natives are not from FabKids, but they have been Camden's favorite shoes this summer.  They are perfect for an active little boy.  We got them at Nordstrom, where they have the best selection.

Dear John Lillie Distressed Cuffed Denim Short and American Able Cross Front Knit Top.  I'm a big fan of this shirt, just haven't figured out where to wear it.  Feels a little too bare for church.  Maybe with a cardigan?  I kept it because of the discount Stitch Fix gave me if I kept all the pieces (25% discount!), and I know I will wear it somewhere!  It is so soft and the straps are really unique.  I also like that it can be dressed up or down.  The jean shorts have the perfect amount of distressing and are really comfortable.  My shoes are sanuks.  They are my first pair of these kind of sandals and I really love them.  




These pants are actually from my first fix.  They are soft and stretchy like leggings, but have pockets like jeans.  I've worn them a lot!



And this just may be one of my favorite pics of this little guy.  He rolls his tongue all the time--when he's concentrating, when he's goofing off, and sometimes when he's just standing there!  So funny.  This stripe tee and denim jogger outfit is so adorable, I can't even stand it.  He wasn't sure about the top, but once he had it on, he loved it!  The shirt will look good with the black joggers, too.


 And I'll finish it all off with the man with the plan, Carson.  Thanks, buddy, for a super fun afternoon.  You may have a career in the photography industry! :)




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