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Friday Favorites

November 30, 2018

Get ready for a brain dump...because that's what I've got for you today...


What I'm listening to...

A Star is Born soundtrack.  Justin and I went to see it this weekend, and that man had the soundtrack downloaded before we even got to the car.  He's a music guy, one of my favorite things about him.  It's so hard to even try to sum up this movie in words.  I know I wouldn't do it justice.  I am currently blasting one of my favorite songs from the movie, Shallow, in my ear buds right now.  There is so much chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga...one an actor who kills it as a singer, one a singer who kills it as an actor.  They are so believable, so raw, so honest.  Like I said, I will not do it justice, you just have to see it.  And prepare yourself to be emotionally wrapped in a love story as beautiful as it is heartbreaking.



Oh, and Queen.  Have I mentioned Carson has the best taste in music?  I don't know if I've ever heard Don't Stop Me Now (from the album above) before, but as soon as Carson played it for me, I knew had to add it to my library.  It's currently occupying place number one on my running playlist.  Move over, Guns and Roses, Queen's taking up residence.


What I'm reading...



Educated.  Can't.put.this.down.  I love the way it is written and I am so interested in Tara Westover's life.  My dad recommended it, and then my book club chose it for our next book.  It is interesting, disturbing, entertaining, enlightening, and endearing all at the same time.  Now, that's a great read.


What we're up to...

Staycation!  We had plans to go out of town for our anniversary weekend, but when that fell through, we decided to stay at home to celebrate.  After Thanksgiving with my parents, my sister, and her family, we left the kids in Cary and returned home for a date WEEKEND!  It was amazing.  We got some stuff done around the house, and also had two date nights!  The first night we went to the movies (to see A Star is Born) and then to dinner at Basil.  Saturday, we bought ourselves an anniversary/Christmas present in the form of a new piece of furniture.  Saturday night we went over to our church's *new* location (new to us, since we had not visited it yet) and attended Elevation Ballantyne for the first time.  Although it was fun to see our pastor in person and worship with the band there, we still feel most at home at the Matthews campus, with our regular peeps and our worship team.  


What I'm wearing...

The sweater above!  I have been living in it lately.  It's half warm and cozy sweater that feels like a sweatshirt and half dressy sweater you can wear to church!  Pair it with a scarf and jeans for the weekends, and a necklace and boots for going out!  I just looked and unfortunately it is out of stock.  Maybe they'll restock?  One can hope...


I honestly never would have thought to shop at JC Penney, but after I saw the sweater on Kilee (onelittlemomma.com and Nickel and Suede), I went to the store just up the road from me and bought their last heather grey small!  Meant to be.  Especially at $17.  BTW, I am wearing N&S earrings in this pic, too.  I actually almost ALWAYS wear N&S.  Once you've put on their leather earrings, you'll never go back.  The ones I am wearing are lilac grey...couldn't find them on the website, but while looking I found these that I'm adding to my Christmas list.  I love the texture!!!


I am also sporting this hat, that I ordered from Cross Training Couture.  It fits so well, and is perfect for days when I don't have time to wash my hair!  Hattie enjoyed some extra snuggle time with me last night.  She had been alone a lot during the day, so she needed some loves.  Speaking of Hattie, I just did some research for a post I wrote about the five most popular dogs on Facebook.  Did you know a dog named Boo has 16 million likes?  Got me thinking, maybe Hattie needs her own Facebook page?  She's every bit as cute (dare I say cuter?) than those dogs I wrote about.  And I already have a name for her page, Hattie's Page, Dog-on-It.  Guess who thought of that?  Anyway, see my linktree (finally got that going) for a button to order your own camo hat!  Or check out some of their other awesome faith based tanks and sweatshirt.  Use my unique code when you decide to place your order...https://crosstrainingcouture.com/?aff=31.  I think this hat makes a perfect stocking stuffer!




What I'm working on...

Figuring out how to style this space.  Happy Anniversary/Merry Christmas to us!  We have loved this piece of furniture since the moment we laid eyes on it.  Finally made it happen.  We are so pleased with how it looks in this our breakfast nook, we just need to decide what we want to do with the space over it.  It is from Southern Marketplace, part of the string of shops on highway 74 (in Indian Trail, NC).  It's so easy to park in one spot, and then just hit one after another until we find what we're looking for.  We scored that tobacco basket there too, and are thinking of hanging the wreath inside. What do you think?  


Hope you've had a great week.  Next week is December...wait, what???  And guess what, I have already done a ton of shopping for Christmas.  That is rare for me--I am usually a last minute shopper, and I am sure I'll be doing plenty of last minute shopping as well!  Enjoy your weekend!



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I'm married to my college sweetheart and we have three amazing kids, all of them boys.  We also have one furry child, a golden retriever rescue dog.


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