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7 Ways to THRIVE, Not Just Survive PLUS A GIVEAWAY!!!

December 12, 2018

7 Ways to Get to Christmas without a Meltdown


15 Tips For Surviving the Holidays


How to Survive the Dreary Days of Winter


What do all of these blog titles have in common?  They're all about surviving!  Getting through the day, the season, the holidays.  How have we gotten here, that we are just scraping by, by the skin of our teeth, living moment by moment?  It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year!  I'll admit, one of these titles is my own.  I titled my post about surviving dark and dreary winter days with your pooch the way that I did because I knew it would get attention.  But it still makes me sad that we are just in survival mode.  Why can't we thrive in the atmosphere of the holidays? 


There are a couple of things  that I plan to do this Christmas season, that I think will help me thrive instead of just survive.  Here they are, in no particular order...


  1. Skip the fluff.  Our Elf on the Shelf is MIA this year.  You know what that means?  I simply can't find him.  Seriously.  I have looked in all the Christmas boxes, in every closet, and in the attic.  He's just gone.  Any you know what?  I may have stopped looking a little prematurely.  Because that dude gets on my nerves.  About every third night last December, I went to bed with a note on my nightstand that read, "Move the Elf."  Because I had finally collapsed into bed after a hectic day and had forgotten to move that darn elf.  So, you know what?  I scratched him off my to do list this year.  And you know the only one who has noticed?  Of course the littlest one.  And he still thinks he'll show up.  We'll see...  What can you give up, that is just fluff?  That someone may mention, but forget about the next second?  I give you permission.

  2. Incorporate music.  My husband will probably be shocked that I am saying this, because I all too often request silence at the end of the day when he and our boys want to be noisy.  But, there is something so powerful about playing music to calm the nerves, get one pumped up, or even soothe a child.  For the soothing type of music, try Benny Martin's piano music.  He plays popular tunes you'll hum and sing along with.  I listen to him a lot when I am writing.  

  3. Diffuse and use oils.  I cannot say this enough.  This time of the year, Balance is in full effect at my desk, OnGuard is running every night outside my boys' bedrooms, and Deep Blue and Lavender ride along in my purse every day.  Balance helps me, well, stay balanced with its clean, harmonious smell.  I also dab some on my wrists most days.  OnGuard has gotten Jonah through this allergy season without having to take allergy meds--his pediatrician was pretty stoked about this one.  I have had some eyebrow raises as I've applied Deep Blue to Carson's legs in the middle of church--a 5K will hurt a guy's muscles if he hasn't been running regularly--but he was able to concentrate on the sermon once the Deep Blue did its trick.  Lavender soothes dry skin, and also eases tension. #imabeliever

  4. Read a good book.  Go ahead, get out of your own head and into someone else's life.  This is one of my favorite tricks.  It is impossible to worry about what I will buy someone or if I will get everything wrapped or when I will make travel arrangements when I have been sucked  into the pages of a really good read.   Need a few great titles?  Where the Crawdads Sing (mentioned in this post), Educated, and An American Marriage are books I've read in the past few months.  Couldn't put them down.  

  5. Move your body.  I just got finished coaching Girls on the Run, and boy was it good for my body and my soul.  One of the things we teach our girls is to "keep moving in a forward motion."  They don't have to run.  They don't even have to walk.  They can skip, side shuffle, hop, or whatever the want to do!  I sometimes feel this way in the winter.  I get tired of running and going to the gym.  Sometimes I just need a break from the monotony.  So taking my dog for an extra long walk, jumping on the trampoline or playing basketball with my kids is sometimes what I need the most.  I just remind myself to get my body moving.  Those first few minutes are sometimes agony, but once I'm in motion, I go with it. 

  6. Feed your body well.  I have begun doing more intense workouts more days of the week, and have found myself completely drained by about 2:00 in the afternoon.  My muscles feel strained and my energy is zapped.  My sister, who has been working out this way for a long time, told me I need to eat more!  I had gotten into a bad habit of working out and then not eating until 12:00 or 1:00.  By then, my body had completely used up any of the fuel I had fed it before my workout and was basically running on fumes.  So, I've been making it a point to drink my protein shake as soon as I get home from the gym.  Keep reading for a giveaway you can put your protein shakes in!!!  Details below on how to win.




  7. Keep a journal.  This does WONDERS for me.  I write in my journal in the morning, because by the time I fall into bed at night, all I want to do is escape reality and get lost in the pages of someone else's story.  But in the morning, before the pitter patter of feet jumpstarts my day and I am consumed by the little (and big) people who need all of me all the time, I pour out my heart onto the pages of my journal.  My entries always begin with, "Yesterday I (we)..."  This helps me celebrate the accomplishments of the previous day, calls out the things I could do better, and focuses me for the day ahead.  I write out prayers for people who are on my heart, thank God for the goodness that surrounds me, and make a list of the day's to-dos.  It is only after I have written like this that I feel like I can begin my day, focused and ready for all of its demands.  My friend, Kelly, expanded on the first things she does every morning on her blog, The 7 Things I Do Every Morning, and I look forward to incorporating some of her practices soon.  In fact, I am taking her advice and drinking hot lemon water right now.  I would really prefer to have another cup of coffee, but since Kelly says this lemon water will hydrate and energize me without the added jitters of coffee, I am giving it a go!


And you know what, at the end of the day, if I’ve taken care of my body, and cleared out the clutter in my mind so I can love my husband and children well, then that’s all that ever matters... 365 days of the year, including the ones in December.


So, friends, would you like an opportunity to win a shaker bottle to mix up your protein shakes and feed your body well?  Just follow the rules below, and one lucky person will win a Momsanity shaker bottle, perfect for shaking up Momfuel and BCAAs.  I may just throw in a few packets of Raspberry Lemonade so you can try it!

Click here to enter the giveaway...

Momsanity Shaker Bottle



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