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Leonard and the Oils

February 7, 2019

 Last week I shared some things I was very glad to have remembered to pack when I went skiing in Aspen with my sister.  I also touched on my angst at forgetting some very important items, and promised to share what they were this week.  It all started with Leonard, the Uber driver.


If I was worried about my Uber ride to the airport, the scent of Breathe wafting out of Leonard's door as he opened it to help me with my luggage was all I needed to put my mind at ease.  Moments into our trip to the airport, my qualms about Ubering had morphed into concerns about how I had left all my oils behind.  Sigh...


But, that did not stop me and Leonard from discussing everything there is to know about the oil world.  His wife got into essential oils and left a lucrative business as a photographer to pursue her dream of using oils (and sharing their natural powers with others) instead of potentially harmful meds and cleaning agents in their home.  


By the time I got out of the car, I was wishing I had packed my...


  • Deep Blue Rub--Oh, how I wished I had this one on my trip.  JP had a really sore shoulder from snowboarding and my Deep Blue lotion would have done the trick.  Emily happened to have a sample pack I had given her and she put it on her back when it was sore.  It definitely soothed her sore back, and the invigorating smell did wonders for her sinuses too!

  • Breathe--Speaking of sinuses, my sister had a terrible cold just in time for our trip to Aspen.  Breathe was a lifesaver when Jonah had a bad cold at the beginning of the month.  We diffused it in his room overnight several nights in a row, and I do believe it shortened the duration of his cold.  

  • Balance--This is my second FAVORITE oil of all time.  It's all in the name.  The pleasing, clean smell of Balance just helps me feel calm and in control.  My favorite oil is Frankincense, which I did manage to pack.  I remembered it because it is part of my morning routine.  Shower, deodorant, lotion with a couple drops of Frank, and I'm reading to face the day. 

  • Deep Blue Roll On--This one should be in my purse AT ALL TIMES, but I had taken it out to roll on Justin's sore neck and forgot to put it back in.  Not only is this one good for sore muscles, it is great for headaches.  I just put it on my temples and let the refreshing, minty smell do its magic. 


And, thanks to Leonard, I made a list of these oils/products to make sure to include on my February order...


  • On Guard Sanitizing Spray--Instead of the drying, alcohol-based hand sanitizer we usually use, I am excited about using this natural sanitizer.  I love the spicy smell of On Guard--we diffuse it often overnight--so I know I'll enjoy it more than the strong smell of other hand sanitizers.  It's also a spray, which is easier for little people to use.

  • Lemon/Lavender/Peppermint--I already have all three of these, but I made a mental note to re-order whenever they get low.  Apparently these three combined are good for allergies.  We've managed to avoid giving Jonah allergy meds by diffusing Breathe and On Guard in his room at night, but I had no idea that taken internally, Lemon/Lavender/Peppermint can stave off allergy symptoms.

  • Car Diffuser--I never really thought about diffusing in my car, but DUH, why not?  I have an extremely anxious golden retriever who drives us crazy in the car, so we're going to try diffusing!  We'll start with Serenity and see how it goes.  

  • Lavender Touch--Did you know Lavender is good for burns?  I use Lavender on my kids' bug bites, but I had no idea it will soothe a burn.  I seem to singe my upper arm often, pulling pans out of the oven too quickly when I am in a hurry making dinner.  And of course I don't take the time to ice my burns.  But apparently, rolling lavender on a burn immediately can take the pain away.  Definitely going to try this one out!


Who knew I'd get an essential oil education on my way to the airport???  Do you travel with your oils?  If so, do you have a travel diffuser?  Thinking that may need to be on my list as well.  I have shared her blog before, but if you are thinking of getting into oils, my friend Kelly, has a wealth of info on her blog.  I love reading about blends she has come up with and her oil routine.


I am diffusing lots of air purifying and healing oils over here during this season of germiness!  Hope you and your family are staying well!





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I'm married to my college sweetheart and we have three amazing kids, all of them boys.  We also have one furry child, a golden retriever rescue dog.


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